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Tuscany: a touristic pearl in italy

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Tuscany (Toscana in Italian) is a charming region of Italy, a land characterised by beautiful seashores, picturesque villages and wonderful art cities. The regional capital is Florence (Firenze) and other important cities are Arezzo, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato and Siena.

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany visited each year by lots of tourists that come from all over the world. Many are the sights to be visited, some of them are: the bell-tower of Giotto, square of Signoria, the cathedral of Santa Maria Fiore, Palazzo Vecchio and Ponte Vecchio; there are also al lot of museums with works of inestimable value and one of the most renowned is the Uffizi Gallery. Here there are pictures of famous painters like Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci and also the beautiful statue of David of Donatello.
In Florence you will have to go to the marvellous Boboli Gardens, an immense green area where, among the beautiful plants, there are monuments of XVI and XVII century A.C.

Arezzo is another splendid city in which you could admire monuments of inestimable historical value; some of them are the basilica of San Francesco and the church of San Domenico. This is a province full of characteristic villages where you could spend your holiday with loved people. Chiusi, for example, is a picturesque village in which you could admire a cross painted by the famous Cimabue.

The city of Grosseto is included in the area of the Maremma, this resort is known for its clear sea and for it clean seashores, other resorts that are part of this area are Catiglione della Pescaia and Follonica. This is also a land where it is possible to admire animals of rare beauty.

Livorno is a city where you could admire many Etruscan finds; its province and especially its seaside resorts received the Blue Flag for their clean beaches and clear sea. In addition if you stay in town, Livorno offers many sights to be visited like the church of Santa Caterina, the mausoleum of Ciano or the Palace of marble columns.

Lucca is a city that in summer is a very lively place to stay; here there is the seaside resort of Versilia where there are also sights such as Forte dei Marmi or Lido di Camaiore to be visited. In addition in its province it is possible to go in famous discotheques al exclusive places; while if you love the cities of art, Lucca offers many sights, there are huge monuments like the Duomo, Napoleon square, the “Mura of Lucca” and Villa Mansi.

Massa-Carrara is a province composed by two cities that during the years are joined together in one unique province. Massa is well-known for its numerous sights like the Duomo, the Church of San Rocco and Palazzo Ducale; while Carrara is known for its precious marble and also has huge buildings like Palazzo Cybo Malaspina and the Duomo of Sant’Andrea.

Pisa is a city that offers many amusements. If you holiday in one of its hotel facilities, you could find very modern seaside facilities with clean seashores and clear sea. In addition Pisa has many sights to be visited like the Piazza of Cavalieri (horsemen square), the Piazza of Miracoli (miracles square), the Duomo, the Torre Pendente (the leaning tower), the baptistery and the churchyard.

The province of Pistoia covers a great part of the Abetone, a renowned top of the Tuscan Apennines. In the city you could admire magic places like the cathedral of San Zeno, Palace of bishops, the church of Santissima Annunziata, Tolomei Palace and many others; and for the lovers of nature you could visit the zoo of Pistoia where it is possible to see over 600 different breeds.

Siena is one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany. A resort in which you could admire buildings of great historical value like the Palazzo Comunale, the Duomo of Siena, the Porta Romana and the beautiful Piazza of Campo. In this city each year, twice a summer, it is organised the famous Palio di Siena, the most spectacular horses’ ride that is a real attractive for tourists. In addition staying in one of many hotel facilities in the province of Siena, it is possible to go and visit picturesque little villages and castle that go back to the medieval period. By eating in Siena restaurants you will be able to taste its excellent wines, famous and tasty is the Chianti, and delicious olive oil.

The area of Chianti is a place in which those tourist, who want to spend here their holiday, will find many entertainments and many typical restaurants where eat excellent dishes; in fact Tuscany is also known for its cuisine. In this region you will taste specialities like spaghetti alla carrettiera (carrettiera means Card-Driver’s Sauce and it is a spicy tomato sauce), the ribollita (a bean and vegetable soup), T-bone steak and also desserts like the nut cake, the castagnaccio (chestnut cake), the panforte (a hard Sienese cake containing candied peel, nuts and honey), Sienese cinta ham and rice cake.

Tuscany is a region rich in culture; it is the native land of many famous writers like Dante Alghieri and of well-known artists like Leonardo da Vinci. Its history was characterised by the conquest of many people like Etruscans and Romans, and in the medieval period there was the duchy of Lucca.
This region has a lot to offers to its tourists that come here to visit this land, there are many parks and marvellous nature reserves, and also many islands perfect places in which spend your summer holidays: Elba Island, Capraia Island, Pianosa Island and more; these are all places where you could find clear sea and beautiful seashores.

Tuscan economy is based on many activities: tourism, agriculture, farming and industry; so a region that is able to take advantage of everything that offers its land. In fact, about Tuscany it easy to remember its vineyards or farming in which there is the production of good meat; in addition there are many businesses that are specialised in food production, chemical and metallurgic products, ships and boats. Well-known are also artisan workshop in which artisans realise their artefacts of great value.

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