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Sicily: the greatest Mediterraneo’s Island

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Sicily (Sicilia in Italian) is a unique region that has many aspects. It is the largest Island of the Mediterranean Sea and it is also called “Tricrania” due to its triangle shape. The regional capital is Palermo and other important cities and resorts are Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Catania, Enna, Messina, Ragusa, Syracuse and Trapani.

Palermo is a province that has a lot to offer to the tourist that decide to come there and stay in one of its hotel facilities. A unique city with many interesting sights to be discovered some of them are the Church of Santissimo Salvatore, the Praetorian Fountain, the Praetorian Palace also called Palazzo delle Aquile (Palace of eagles), the important Teatro Massimo and also the museums like the Regional archaeological museum “Antonio Salinas” or the Museum of Mare Arsenale. Nearby Palermo there are many beautiful seaside resorts like Cefal├╣ and Mondello in which you could have a dip or lying in the sun; these are two marvellous areas of this province that render to Palermo one of the most beautiful cities of Sicily.

Agrigento is a resort famous for its Valle dei Templi, an area in which you could admire monuments that go back to the VI century B.C.; in addition many tourist villages and bathing establishments were built in the area nearby this city where tourists can spend peacefully their summer holidays.

Caltanissetta is a city that has many sights to be visited like the Abbey of Santo Spirito, the Palazzo Moncada and the archaeological museum. This city has a peculiarity, the week before Easter people are involved in the preparation of a ceremony, it treats of the representation of the Jesus crucifixion.

Catania is another “pearl” of Sicily; it is a city that is loved by tourists for its amusements. Here you could admire churches and buildings of inestimable value, one of the most important churches is the Duomo in which there are preserved the relics of the city patron saint “Sant’Agata”; other sights are the Palazzo of Elefanti, the church of Santa Maria of Jesus and the palace of University. Catania is also rich in artistic works of the roman, greek and baroque period; in fact it is possible to appreciate many finds of these historical periods. If you stay in Catania, you cannot miss to go to the fabulous Villa Bellini, an amazing garden in the middle of the town.

Enna is the highest city of all Sicily, a resort known for its Castle of Lombardia, the Tower of Federico II, the Duomo and the Porta of Janniscuru.

Messina is the city that faces on Calabria and there each year leave and arrive many boats to and from this two regions. Near Messina you could go to visit Taormina, a renowned seaside resort admired by tourists for its many archaeological finds like the Greek Theatre.

Syracuse is appreciated by tourists for its clear sea, Avola is one of the most famous resort of the province, and there it is possible to visit the beautiful city of Noto, a place that is known for its baroque cathedral.

Trapani is located in the west part of Sicily, it is a resort rich in monuments like that one dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II, the Church of Purgatorio and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Bastione Sant’Anna.

In Sicily you could spend beautiful holiday with your family and friends. If you are a lover of mountain, you should have to go on the high top of Etna, one of the volcano that are still active. This region has also amazing parks and nature reserve where you could admire the local fauna and flora. Nearby Sicily there are other little islands also visited by tourists like Lampedusa, Vulcano, Pantelleria, Ustica and Lipari. This region offers to young people the possibility to have fun as they wish, Catania and Palermo are two cities where the nightlife is eventful, there are lot of places where spend yours evenings and also to eat an ice-cream by the sea.

The history of Sicily is very rich, a land that was conquered by many people that had influenced the architecture of the most important buildings and monuments. But this region is also well-known for its excellent cuisine and going in restaurants you could taste flavoured dishes; some typical dishes are pasta with sardines, the caponata (sweet-and-sour Sicilian dish made of fried aubergines, capers, olives and celery) and snack bar dishes like arancini (croquette of rice filled with peas, giblets and meat sauce). For wine connoisseurs Sicily has great drinks, one of the most renowned is the strong wine of Marsala; Sicily is also the land of oranges and lemons, products that are part of the economical resources of this region, as the matter of fact, this land is largely based on agriculture, tourism, fishing and farming.

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