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Sardinia, the beatiful island

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Sardinia (Sardegna in Italian) is a unique region, it is very beautiful and its land is also dry at the same time and it can offer wonderful sensations to tourist. Sardinia is the second-largest island of Italy; it extends over a surface of about 24 km2 and has about one million of inhabitants.
Cagliari is the regional capital and the other important cities are Nuoro, Oristano, Sassari and Olbia.

Cagliari is a beautiful resort of Sardinia and you will be stunned when you arrive to Pula and will be able to visit the archaeological site of Nora; the city of Cagliari is also known for its clear sea and its amazing sands. If you like to spend your time by visiting its sights, you will have to see the Punic necropolis of Tuvixeddu, the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Church of Sant’Anna.

Nuoro is a city located near the renowned rocks of Arbatax and the mountainous area of Gennargentu and very beautiful are the white and clear beaches of Cala di Luna. This city offers to people that like to go and visit monuments and archaeological finds of famous art cities many important sights like the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Neve or the Museum of Life and Popular Sardinian Traditions (Museo della Vita e delle Tradizioni Popolari sarde in Italian).

Olbia is a well-known city because it is included in the famous Costa Smeralda; here you could stay in the renowned seaside resorts of Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo where you could meet some VIP of the show business. In addition near the province of Olbia there is the island of Maddalena, a place where the sea is very clear and where you can see sea specimens of rare beauty. Other sights in the province of Olbia are the nuraghic complex Riu Mulinu in Cabu Abbas or the finds of the Roman aqueduct near Tilibbas.

Sassari is, instead, a place rich in artisan workshop in which are realised artefacts of great value; there are also many archaeological sites where it is possible to admire precious finds like the Temple of Monte d’Accoddi. In the province of Sassari there are beautiful churches: Santa Maria of Betlem, San Michele, San Nicola and many others, or also there are huge buildings as the Palazzo Ducale or the Palazzo Giordano.

Of course Sardinia is not only this, there are other important sights, parks and nature reserves where it is possible to see the local fauna and flora, and also caves of extraordinary beauty like that one of Nereo or that one of Nettuno in Alghero; in addition to this, each year in summer there is the organization of many village feasts that attract tourists.
Sardinian cuisine is another strong point of this land with its uniqueness and peculiarities; here you could taste good typical dishes like the “Maccarones” (a kind of pasta twist seasoned with ricotta, pecorino and tomato) and also the Carasau (typical toasted bread). If you are drink connoisseurs, you could taste the Mirto, a digestive alcoholic drink with a strong flavour.

Sardinia is a region rich in history, many populations passed across this land like Carthaginians, Romans and more, that influenced buildings and art works of the region. The economy is largely based on tourism and also on other activities as farming and agriculture.

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