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Lazio, beyond Rome.

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Lazio is a large region and its land is characterised by many peculiarities; here you will find the sea, mountains, hills and it is possible also to admire its fabulous art cities. This land covers a surface of about 17 thousand km2 and its inhabitants are about 5 millions. A huge region, that is rich in extraordinary art works and buildings that have a great historical importance. Lazio is the ideal resort for both those couple that wish to spend their lovely holidays with their children and also for young people that are interested in having a lot pf fun.

The regional capital is Rome (also Roma, as in Italian), that is also the capital city of Italy. Other important cities of this region are Frosinone, Latina, Rieti and Viterbo.

Rome is one of the most beautiful places of the world, it is also called “the Eternal City” (”la Città eterna”) and it is visited each year from millions of tourists. Here you could admire buildings of an extraordinary historical beauty such as Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland) or monuments of great importance such as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain; you could also pass through one of the most important streets like Via del Corso, a way that is rich in shops and famous boutiques. Do not forget to go and visit the museums where you could admire artefacts of great historical value; some of these finds also go back to the prehistoric era. Rome is also a lively city where young people could have fun in many different ways thanks to the numerous places and nightclubs.
Frosinone is another important city of Lazio and here there are many sights to be visited such as the “Santuario della Madonna della Neve”, the Church of San Benedetto and the Archaeological Museum. Latina is known for its beautiful seaside, in fact nearby this resort there are the famous seaside resort of Sabaudia and Gaeta. Rieti is a very characteristic place where you could visit many particular buildings such as the Palazzo Vescovile and the Cathedral of Santa Maria; but you could also visit the Museo Diocesiano in which you will find art works of great value. Last, but not the least is Viterbo with its important spas, in this city you could also visit historical sights like the Church of San Silvestro or Palazzo dei Papi, and to go see archaelogical finds that go back to the Palaeolithic period.

Lazio is a unique region, there are lots of pleasures to discover by staying in one of its many hotel facilities like the area that covers the Castelli Romani or the south coast where it is possible to visit resorts such as Anzio and Nettuno.

In addition, by visiting Lazio you could make wonderful trips surrounded by nature on the top of Terminillo, a renowned resort that is well-known for being an important skiing resort. Do not forget also to reach the lakes that characterised this region, like the lake of Bolsena or that one of Bracciano.

Spending your holiday in Lazio, you should have to taste its delicious cuisine; it is characterised by flavoured dishes, first courses like “bucatini all’amatriciana” (thick hollow spaghetti with a tomato sauce with pancetta) or tasty second courses like “abbacchio” (baked spring lamb) and other delicacies. For wine connoisseurs it will be possible to taste delicate wines such as Tarquinia or Velletri.

Looking at the history of this region, it is possible to see that it is a land that has been conquered since ancient times, but the sovereign populations were the Romans. The Roman Empire had a great architectural influence on the realisation of streets, buildings and in most of architectural works it is possible to see the power of these people. Some works, for example, the Imperial Fora or the Temples nearby today would not exist, if the Roman Empire was not able conquered this region.

Lazio’s economy is largely based on business activities and also tourism has a leading role, it is one of the most sources of support.

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