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Emilia Romagna: brief introduction and entertainment

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Emilia Romagna: a region that it is possible to describe just with one word… “Entertainment”. It a region full of surprises where there is a lot of fun that will enliven the days of adults and children.

This region was founded in 568 A.C., in reality due to the unification of Emilia with Romagna. A region that is considered one of the richest place because its land attracts each year millions of tourists.

The city of Bologna is the regional capital of Emilia Romagna and other important towns are Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia and Rimini.

Bologna, also known with the epithet “la Dotta” (”the learned one”) a reference to its famous university, is a town full of important sights that you should visit like its two Towers and Piazza Maggiore where there is the beautiful fountain of Neptune. So, it is a resort rich in museums where treasures of great value are preserved, some of them are Carducci’s home, the Medieval Civic Museum and the National Pinacotheca of Bologna.

Modena is appreciated by tourists for its cuisine; delicious dish is, for example, fried gnocchi. Ferrara in the medieval period was an important city and if you come here, remember to visit the huge cathedral and the Este castle.

Parma is the city of the ham par excellence; Italy is renowned all over the world for this kind of tasty charcuterie. This city offers lots of museums to be visited, just as example the National Gallery, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Mineratologia.

Rimini and Ravenna are the two cities in which the tourism in summer is more concentrated, these seaside resorts are visited by family and young people. Families feel at ease in hotel facilities of Rimini and also of Ferrara because these cities offer very attractive prices for big group of people, but young people are attracted here due to the trendiest discotheques of all place that is possible to find nearby (two big names: Pascià and Villa delle Rose). While talking about Rimini and Ravenna another seaside resort to mention is Riccione; the area that characterises these three resorts offers many amusement and water theme parks where young people could spend their summer days and here both adults and children have a lot of fun; two main parks: Mirabilandia and Acquafan.

Piacenza is known for its wines, it has vine-yards that produce excellent wines like Pinot Nero and Vin Santo; products of unmistakable flavour.

Emilia Romagna is a region full of amusements and attractions, a land to be discovered. The personnel of the hotel facilities (residential hotels, apartments, hotels and farmhouse holiday) give hospitality to customers in their best way always smiling to tourists; they will feel you like you were at home in structures equipped with all kind of comforts. In addition residential hotels and apartments are close to the sea and connected to main services like supermarkets, post offices, restaurants and others.

It is also possible to relax in one of many spas of the region, the most well-known is Salsomaggiore Terme, structures where there are highly skilled people of this sector and in which you could allow yourself to have massages and cares.

A point to remember is that if you decide to spend your holiday in Emilia Romagna you will be conquered by good cuisine; you could taste delicious dishes such as Passatelli (breadcrumb pasta) with soup or the excellent fish of the Adriatic Sea, but you have to taste the piadina (flat bread), a real speciality of this region that everyone loves.

In addition to the economy that is based on the turnover of companies, do not forget that the agriculture in Emilia Romagna is very healthy. The presence of the factories of Ferrari, Ducati and of other big companies has a great importance and influence in this region that took advantage of the resources of its land and became an integral part of Italy.

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