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Campania: introduction to Naples and islands

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Campania offers to tourists that come to visit it a wide variety of entertainments that make it unique and inimitable; it is also a land that was too many times stricken by negative events but that in reality there are lots of hidden treasures of inestimable value.

Its regional capital is Naples (Napoli in Italian) and only this city counts about 3 millions of inhabitants; other well-known cities are Avellino, Benevento, Caserta and Salerno. Of course, there are prestigious resorts in this region such as Pompei, Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento besides the famous islands of Ischia and Capri which are frequented by personalities of show business.

Naples is a lively city that will fascinate you as soon as you will come to visiting it, thanks to its numerous museums, buildings and monuments of fabulous beauty. Avellino is the second city in order of importance that is famous for its Regional Park and going to Benevento you could admire the Roman Theatre and the “Arco of Traiano”. Caserta is one of the most famous cities of this region, there you can find the huge “Reggia di Caserta” (Palace of Caserta), this beautiful palace is today one of the most visited buildings of all Campania. Salerno extends over a large area; it includes both the amazing Amalfi coast with its famous resorts of Positano and Ravello and the area that covers the archaeological finds of Pompei and Paestum. In Campania you will find other sights such as the Sanctuary of Montevergine or the National Park of Vesuvius.

These are all places that were conquered by many people, in fact Campania was object of interests for Greeks, Romans, Bourbons and so on…; all these conquests made Campania as a unique and inimitable land.

Campania is also a region in which you could relax and spend your time hiking in nature and admiring the wonderful landscape of Campania; it is also a good opportunity to discover and to appreciate its fauna and flora.
In this region there are many hotel facilities (hotels, residential hotels, accommodation, holiday homes) in which you could stay together with your family or friends. This is also a land where there are many entertainments, young people will be fascinated by the night life of Naples, here they can go to the trendiest discotheques of the city.

By having a holiday in Campania you have to remember to go in some typical farmhouse restaurants, here you could taste delicious dishes like spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, fish-based second courses and also the excellent Neapolitan pizza, a real speciality that is world renowned as Italian trademark and do not forget the good liquor Limoncello of Sorrento, a real delicacy of.

Another thing to be remembered is the fact that in Campania most of the proceeds of this region arrive from the food industry (known are companies where it is produced the Mozzarella di Bufala, that is made from buffalo milk) and than from mechanical businesses and small artisans.

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