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Calabria: brief introduction to economy and tourism

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Calabria is a region of southern Italy well-known by tourists above all for its wonderful sea; its surface covers an area of about 15 km2 and its population reaches about one million of inhabitants.

The city of Catanzaro is the regional capital and other important cities are Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia. Catanzaro faces the Ionian Sea and also the Tyrrhenian Sea, this feature makes this city an attractive place visited by a lot of tourists; but also each summer many young people are attracted here from lots of events that are organized here. Another important city is Cosenza and its land that includes the famous chain of “Monte Pollino”; Crotone is known by people because it is the place of birth of some important philosophers such as Pythagoras. Reggio Calabria is the city that connects Calabria with Sicily, from its port leave the ferries that shuttle between the two regions; this city is also a beautiful resort to visit, it has buildings of great historical importance to admire as well as the great National Museum of Magna Grecia where the famous Riace Warriors (Bronzi di Riace) are located. Last but not the least is Vibo Valentia a city not as well-known as the others, but not for this is less important.

Calabria is not only this; there are many other beauties to be appreciated in this region full of surprises. If you visit this land you can find real hidden treasures, art works of inestimable value saved in the characteristic villages of this region. There are also lots of sights to be visited such as the old Aragonian Castle in Reggio Calabria, the beautiful municipal gardens of Palmi, the ancient cathedral of Assunta in Gerace or the roman bridge of Scigliano but also the archaeological sites that characterized this land in which there are works of the Greek-roman period.

Calabria was also a region conquered by many people such as Greeks and Romans and their influence can be found in numerous buildings.
In addition to historical cities you cannot forget to taste the local Calabrian specialities; delicious courses like spaghetti with garlic and red pepper or pasta with fennel…so all sources that people who love to eat spicy food will appreciate and, of course, if you love strong flavours you have to taste the well-known Calabrian sausage called Soppressata (a dry-cured salami).

Calabria’s economy is unfortunately not extremely producing due to problems that this region has; it is a land that has difficulties in its economic growth and it is based especially on tourism and agriculture with its famous Calabrian oranges.

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