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Basilicata: brief introduction

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Basilicata is a very particular region characterised by places that also today remain undiscovered, its territory covers a surface of about 9 thousand km2 and has 590 thousand inhabitants. Basilicata has very different landscapes among them even if it is for the most part a mountainous and hilly region.

The capital of Basilicata is Potenza and other important cities of this region are Matera, Melfi and Policoro. Potenza is a city of striking beauty that was conquered by the Romans, Byzantines and French, and people who will travel in this resort could admire the fabulous Duomo and “Piazza di Mario Pagano”. Matera is well-known for its famous park “Parco della Murgia” in which you could admire animal of exceptional beauty. Melfi is an important city for this region because it gives great prestige on an economic level; here there are well-known companies’ branches like Fiat, Barilla and Officina that repairs the train of Ferrovie dello Stato.

By visiting Basilicata do not forget to go and visit the numerous archaeological sites situated on the territory like the archaeological areas of “Incoronata” and “Metaponto” where you could admire finds that belong to the history of this region. This region and its territory was characterised since the Palaeolithic period by settlement, as a matter of fact in local museums you can find lost of archaeological finds that belong to this period. Later, it was conquered by Longobardians, Romans and Byzantines; so a land martyred by invaders.

Basilicata is not only this; there are other things that you could appreciate in this wonderful region. If you holiday in one of its many tourist structures you cannot leave without popping in Metaponto and Policoro or you cannot forget to spend your weeks’ ski holiday on wonderful Lucanian Dolomites; here you will find modern skiing facilities that permit to spend cheerful time with your family or friends. If you want to enjoy yourself you can participate at some village fairs that take place there each summer or you can go dancing in trendy discotheques.

If you are a lover of good taste you cannot miss to drop into typical restaurants of Basilicata; you could enjoy tasty dishes like home-made pasta or excellent second courses like barbecued lamb. A special product to point out that it is used to prepare meals is “rafano” (radish), a root with which people usually garnish pasta; and do not forget to taste the good wines produced in this region. Unique and unforgettable tastes are waiting for you in this region that it is based on resources such as agriculture, fishing and industry; here there are cultivations of cereals, wheat and barley, and it is also a land rich of vineyards.

If you come to spend your holiday in Basilicata remember that it is the native land of artist such as the film director Francis Ford Coppola and the Italian singer Michele Zarrillo.

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