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Abruzzo: green and beatiful region of italy

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Abruzzo is a unique and inimitable region; here you could find lots of amusements and also the most demanding tourist will manage to enjoy himself by visiting it.

Abruzzo has a surface of 10 thousand km2 and its inhabitants are just about a million. Its regional capital is L’Aquila and other important cities are Chieti, Pescara and Teramo.
Chieti is famous for its wonderful hilly landscapes; Pescara attracts its visitors with the great number of artistic works that we can find in its well-known museums and Teramo appeals to custom with its lively seaside from where you can plunge in the amazing clear sea of Abruzzo.

In Abruzzo you will have great choice of hotels, residential hotels, accommodation and health centres in which you can spend your holidays; cosy hotel accommodation equipped with all kind of comfort.
In addition tourists will be delighted by the great amount of museums, like the “Museo Civico di Lanciano” where you could appreciate prehistoric fossils with inestimable value or also the numerous artistic works of fabulous beauty preserved in the “Museo Nazionale d’Abruzzo” in L’Aquila. Other sights that need to be visited in Abruzzo are “Rocca Calascio”, the church of “S. Maria di Collemaggio” and there is the possibility to go along the ancient streets of Scanno.

Eating in Abruzzo is a unique experience that will satisfy your palate.
You could taste excellent first courses like “maccheroni alla chitarra” (square strands of pasta served with a typical tomato sauce) or maize porridge with sausages and also second courses characterised by barbecued meat; and for wine connoisseurs it is possible to taste luscious red wines like the “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo”.

In the past, Abruzzo was a territory of occupation and conquests and a lot of archaeological finds come from the population of Marsi and Peligni, but we can not forget that this region was also a territory of Roman conquests, as a matter of fact in most of museums there are archaeological relics that go back to the historical period.

Abruzzo is a region that in the last years had an explosive economic growth thanks to the service-producing sector; so it is a region that takes a great step forward in order to increase its GDP.

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